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A Letter to Dad (2009)

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A film based on a true, touching story of how faith and love can overcome a lifetime of pain and anger.

Dan Donahue (Thom Matthews) has finally met the woman of his dreams. But on the night he is going to propose, he is overcome by deep-rooted anger caused by the father who abandoned him as a boy. Dan confronts his feelings of bitterness head on as he pours out his heart in a letter to his father.

As Dan writes, we see his life unfold, feeling his pain and ultimate joy as we watch him grow from young boy to troubled teen and finally into a strong, spiritual man.

In the end it is Dan's father, played brilliantly by John Ashton (Beverly Hills Cop I,II, III) who must face his own failures as a father in a climactic one on one meeting with the son he left behind.

Powerful Christian true film about the effects of divorce. Beautiful scenery and fantastic music throughout!  For a more detailed review, check out the CFDb Movie Review.




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