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You've Got a Friend (2007)

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An endearing Hallmark Channel original film filled with impactful lessons and family fun!

A recently-orphaned 12-year-old boy finds himself living with his aunt and uncle in a strange town and follows the inventive passion of his late father in “You’vie Got a Friend", a Hallmark Original Movie.  John Schneider, Bitty Schram, Dylan McLaughlin, Jason Brooks and Kate Connor star in the moving drama about a boy facing the challenges of finding new friends, new parents and a new life.

After Bobby Graham’s (Dylan McLaughlin) parents are killed in an automobile accident in his native San Diego, he’s sent to live with his father’s brother, Jeff (Jason Brooks), and his wife, Gayle (Kate Connor) in the small town of Eagle Rock. The couple finds themselves instant parents, struggling to learn the ropes.

Bobby dreams of building the soap box derby racer he and his dad had designed, but his uncle scorns the idea, preferring Bobby spend his spare time at the family hardware store–though Bobby has other plans.

Bobby secretly finds a mentor in town-loner Jim Klecan (John Schneider), the former town champ of yesteryear. Klecan, a Vietnam vet and handyman, is derided by most of the town for his isolated lifestyle, but provides the friendship and mentoring the young boy needs to become a champ. His relationship with Bobby also provides its own healing, as does Bobby’s compassionate teacher, Miss Nelson (Bitty Schram).


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