The Reckoning (2015)
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The Reckoning (2015)

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The Reckoning – The Powerful Conclusion to The Shunning and The Confession!

Katie Mayfield is now the mistress of Mayfield Manor, the estate passed down from her birth mother. In her new world she finds solace in honoring her mother’s memory and in love with Justin Wirth, the Director of her foundation.

Katie finds herself torn between two worlds and grieves for her plain Amish life. Unknown to Katie, Daniel Fisher, her lost love, makes a desperate attempt to find her. Does Katie choose her new life or the simple heritage she left behind? This is her great reckoning. Stars Katie LeClerc and Jacob Blair.

Favorite quote, “Kindness won’t get in the way, it keeps coming back”.  Don’t miss this long awaited conclusion. CFDb

Tags: amish films, drama, romance, series, 2015

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