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The Easter Storykeepers

The Easter Storykeepers 2045 Views

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This is a feature-length, Easter story.

Dark times befall Ben the Baker, the leader and storykeeper of a valiant group of Christians. Ben, his wife Helena, and their band of adopted children face the full fury of the Roman emperor Nero as he tightens his brutal grip on the city. A daring escape leads them to shelter in the catacombs, where Ben’s stories of the last days of Jesus and his resurrection give new hope and strength.

From Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem, to his crucifixion, to the open tomb, the Easter story comes alive through Ben’s vivid storytelling. The Easter Storykeepers® will captivate children while it teaches them about faith, family values, and the wonderful significance of Easter.

Ages 5-10

Tags: animation, kids, children

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