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Prophecy of Israel (2008)

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Beginning over 3,000 years ago this amazing program recounts fulfilled and unfulfilled Biblical prophecies regarding the land of Zion.

From the reigns of King David and King Solomon, up to the present day, this indepth DVD dramatically weaves the details of the Holy land's historical journey into the revelations that are occurring today in modern Israel. 

Hosted by Dr. David R. Reagan and featuring the brilliant voice of the legendary Alexander Scourby, this video describes what the Bible says about the future of the Holyland and why Israel is the key to world peace.

In just the last 60 years dozens of prophecies once thought improbable have been fulfilled in the Middle East. This program offers fresh insight into how understanding the Biblical prophecies concerning Israel may benefit the world. The prophecy of Israel explores and answers many questions, including:

  1. Why is there, and why has there always been, a conflict over the land that is now Israel? 
  2. What does Biblical prophecy say about the future of Israel?
  3. What do both the Bible and the Koran say about Jerusalem?
  4. Who are today's Palestinians?
  5. Will there always be hostilities between Jews and Arabs?
  6. What does prophecy say about the Battle of Armageddon and related events taking place in the Middle East?

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