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Hometown Legend (2002)

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"Entertaining and uplifting in the tradition of Hoosiers and Remember the Titans.

Jerry B. Jenkins, author of the popular Left Behind books series, delivers a rousing, stand-up-on-the-bleachers-and-cheer story of a small town's desperate fight for survival.

Athens is a little town on its last legs. The town's high school is about to be closed down and their once mighty football team hasn't had a winning season in twelve years since a tragedy struck and the coach retired. But when that same legendary football coach returns for one final season, he brings a glimmer of hope to the Crusaders.

Now, as the team rekindles its will to win, a rebellious young player and the girl he loves will discover the power of faith, and an entire town will get one last chance at redemption as the action races to its breathtaking, down-to-the-wire finish!

Great film!  There is a great quote in this one as well that I still remember even years later! CFDb Review



Tags: drama, family, sport, 2002

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