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Regrets, Reality, Restoration (2015)

Regrets, Reality, Restoration (2015) 5770 Views

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Stories of God's love restoring broken lives

There’s probably not one of us who wouldn’t appreciate a do-over or two when we look back at the course of our lives. Sometimes the misstep is catastrophic in its consequences, leaving others devastated by our actions or inactions.
In Regrets, Reality, Restoration you will hear the heartfelt stories of people who have experienced profound regret over their actions. Drug addiction and alcohol abuse, abandoning one’s Christian faith, poor ethical decisions, terminal accidents - these are the stories of the people you will meet in this program.

As distraught as these individuals had become, see how—even in their most tormented moments —it was God’s love in Christ Jesus that brought forgiveness and restoration to their anguished pasts. Four parts.

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