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Saints and Soldiers: Airborne Creed (2012)

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I cherish the lives of men with whom I serve...

On August 15, 1944, an invasion in Provence, France was organized by the Americans to support and protect the allied troops marching to Berlin who had already landed in Normandy on June 6, 1944. 
After jumping over Provence during the night, three paratroopers who have to regroup with their fellow soldiers in the village of Les Arcs, help the local resistance to free some of their members and organize the ambush of a German armor unit. Fighting desperately to fulfill their mission against seemingly insurmountable odds. Their commitment to the Airborne Creed urges them forward - and proves that a few good men can change a war.

Lives will be shattered, hope will be lost, love will be found, and men will be changed...forever.

This is not necessarily a Christian film. The first Saints and Soldiers actually portrayed a need for God and someone being impacted by a Christian’s life. This one wasn’t quite as obvious in its message, but still a very good film. Check CFDb review

Tags: action, drama, true films, war, 2012

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