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VeggieTales: Josh And The Big Wall

VeggieTales: Josh And The Big Wall 4625 Views

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A lesson in...Obedience.

VeggieTales is a fully-computerized series designed to entertain and teach youngsters while captivating adults with its humour and technology. Join hosts Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber as they use their kitchen countertop to stage each lively program.

The "children" of Israel have reached the promised land only to find a large wall around the city they need to conquer. While the grapes and gourds want to go back to Egypt, Junior is visited by an angel and given instructions on how to break down the wall, with the help of God. But will the taunting of the French-peas on the wall be enough to discourage the Israelites?

Features the Silly song "The Song of the Cebu".

Tags: animation, children, kids, veggietales

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