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Hangman's Curse (2003)

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Frank Peretti's first movie!

Best selling author, Frank Peretti's spellbinding tale is a whole new thrill on Video

Following a series of strange, supernatural events, a family of investigators is summoned to a high school only to discover they cannot destroy what cannot be found. As students are claimed by a mysterious force, Nate and Sarah Springfield and their two teenage children race against time to discover the truth behind Hangman's Curse.

Hangman's Curse is a true crossover, with tremendous secular and Christian teen following!
* A Best-Selling Teen Book in 2001
* The #1 Christian Teen Book in 2001

Written by top-selling author Frank Peretti, with over 10,000,000 books in print!

This is a movie full of suspense and a great message against bullying. Check out the CFDb Movie Review.


Tags: bullying, drama, horror, mystery, sports, suicide, thriller, youth, 2003

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