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Alone Yet Not Alone (2013)

Alone Yet Not Alone (2013) 6899 Views

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Their faith became their freedom.

Based on the inspirational true story of Barbara and Regina Leininger, two immigrant sisters forced to embark on a journey of faith that will lead them through the darkness of war into the light of freedom.

Seeking religious freedom in America, a devout Christian family from Germany settles in the peaceful Pennsylvania colony - only to find themselves caught in the crossfire of the French & Indian War. Following a merciless raid on their settlement, daughters Barbara and Regina are abducted, separated, then raised by their Delaware captors in the harsh Ohio wilderness. Now, only their devotion to each other and faith in the Lord can lead them through their darkest hours and back to freedom in this inspirational, true story.

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Tags: drama, holocaust/genocide, slavery, true films, war, history, 2013

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